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Go beyond the traditional offerings of online business directories. With SlicPix, you can leverage virtual tours, interactive displays, personalized content and social media engagement to create a lasting impact on potential customers through a more immersive, educational and enjoyable experience.

Are you looking to stand out?

Leverage your images to double sales and increase engagement rates by 94%

Slicpix® interactive images eliminate search abandonment!

SlicPix's innovative approach involves creating interactive images as a navigation tool, allowing your audience to

TOUCH, BUY, LEARN and SHARE for each item on your images

eliminating search abandonment and saving US retailers $300 billion a year

Slicpix stories alter behavior,
compelling your audience to stop scrolling and learn more

Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make and sell but the stories you tell - Seth Godin


No need to change your website, interactively optimize it

Calls to action across this website are examples of how we incorporated SlicPix’s interactivity and dynamic multimedia stories

website navigation

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website dwell time

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SEO ranking

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If you don't make it easy for customers to show their suport, they won't. - Andy Sernovitz

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From Awareness to Conversion


With SlicPix interactive technology, you can transform the tourism experience!

By integrating our technology and innovative approaches, your chamber of commerce, business incubator or organization can captivate and engage tourists and locals alike in unique and memorable ways.

Go beyond the traditional offerings of online business directories. With SlicPix, you can leverage virtual tours, interactive displays, personalized content and social media engagement to create a lasting impact on potential customers through a more immersive, educational and enjoyable experience.

The best part? You don’t have to recreate your website. Simply use SlicPix to optimize your existing website interactively. SlicPix minimizes search abandonment and helps businesses tell stories that increase sales, improve website navigation, and make shopping easy and fun for everyone.

Less friction from awareness to purchase on every channel

Using three or more channels earns a 494% higher order rate

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Make your Instagram posts and reels shoppable in 3 touch points

1. Touch an Instagram's biolink

Try it out

2. Touch a Slicpix Instagallery post

Pick a post below

3. Touch an item on the post

Easy paths to purchase for every item on every image and video
What's not to love?

Interactivity makes your videos

shoppable, learnable and shareable

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How it Works

The SlicPix® subscription is an all-in-one solution for non-technical marketers

The SlicPix Studio®

One-stop shop that delivers a no-code easy solution to integrate interactivity into your current marketing mix


Centralized hub for teams from around the world.

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Interactively outline items on an image and create multimedia stories.

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Embed interactive images/stories onto your website or create a space under the SlicPix® domain

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In one click, both businesses and followers can share stories, linking back to your interactive website.

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Important ROI, including unique measurements from within an image. Integrations with Googles new G4 Analytics.

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Slicpix covers all your marketing needs, from website integrations to powerful analytics

Discover all of SlicPix®'s Features

Why SlicPix®?

There is nothing permanent except change - Heraclitus

Sky is the limit

Simply outline items to make them interactive and create/link stories with sharing and CTA's for next steps

No need to change your website simply pick a spot and embed a tag similar to YouTube.

Interactive images/stories are dynamic, meaning you can change them for immediate visibility.

Your audience can use interactive images as a navigation tool to explore exactly what they are interested in while you can change website content similar to posting on social media.

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Interactively Stand out and be outstanding

Consumers expect more in less time

Interactive content produces better user experiences with fewer fewer pages, fewer clicks, and even fewer separate platforms to pass through before making a purchase.

PR Newswire states that interactive content increases engagement rates by 94%

According to Demand Metric , interactive shoppable content has a roughly 2x conversion rate compared to static content.

The average attention span is 6 seconds. Interactive content stops the scroll and requires active curiosity and engagement

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See how Slicpix's interactive video answers the judges questions



Evan Ritcher - Director - Upstart Maine
Evan Richert
Member of the Board of Directors, UpStart Maine, Inc.
Without SlicPix, our UpStart Navigator — an interactive online guide to services for entrepreneurs — would not have been possible. Using SlicPix, we can now direct entrepreneurs to exactly the services best suited to them, based on type of business and stage of development; and allow a quick view or a deep dive into the service. All in a fast, easy-to-use graphic format. Throughout the development of the UpStart Navigator, SlicPix has been more than a helpful service. They’ve been trusted, engaged partners. Thank you, Joan and Benoit!
Campbell Scott- Oceanswide - President
Campbell Scott
President, Oceanswide
Our dear friends Joan and Benoit developed this amazing SlicPix program. With it they built our new website We’ve been looking for a unique way to tell our story. This is the perfect platform for OceansWide. It can be difficult to tell the whole story on a website, but SlicPix makes it possible to tell the full story. It is easy to edit and maintain with some brilliant capabilities. My favorite is the ability to highlight an item and flash to a story, photos or video. As one of our clients said, she loved the way the website pulled her in like a good book. Well done Benoit and Joan. You have worked hard to make this happen and you have created an exceptional product. Thank you!
Melina Foss - Protocall Virtual Services - CEO
Melina Foss
CEO, Protocall Virtual Services
My experience with the SlicPix app has been transformative in my ability, as a business owner, to provide marketing and e-commerce services. SlicPix has become an essential addition to my toolbox! This new innovative app is user-friendly and enables me to create social media posts, e-commerce listings, and website pages that encourage customer interactions and have a high potential to increase profits. It is worth the time to inquire about the Slicpix app and all that it has to offer. Expand your social engagement, conversions, and sales! Contact Joan and Benoit today.
Anna Lee - Founder - Gachi Marketing
Anna Lee
Founder, Gachi Marketing
SlicPix provides the functionality essential for businesses that want to create customer stickiness. Its interactive capability from the images or videos can help prospective customers to stay engaged and informed, ultimately wanting them to learn more about the offering. We used SlicPix to amplify our marketing consultancy's services and tell a dynamic brand narrative. It not only allowed us to provide a unique experience that helped us stand out from our competitors, but its platform flexibility to embed it into our website or use it as a standalone microsite has helped us tell one of a kind story. As an early adopter of SlicPix, I am excited to see how SlicPix's capabilities will further expand and become an integral part of other businesses as they tell their own stories.
Corey Daigle - Founder & CEO - WanderWeb
Corey Daigle
Founder & CEO, WanderWeb
We partnered with SlicPix on a resource navigation tool for Maine's entrepreneurs; the project turned out better than we could have imagined!
Shannon Kinney - Founder & Client Success Officer, Dream Local Digital
Shannon Kinney
Founder & Client Success Officer, Dream Local Digital
We handle the online presence for hundreds of business, small and large, and understand how hard it is for a brand to stand out from the crowd and make a connection with their audience. As soon as we saw what was possible with Slicpix, we were sold. The ability to bring content to life, enhancing the customer’s experience is invaluable. Over the past 3 years we have seen a massive shift in consumers. It is no longer good enough to just provide a quality product or service, businesses need to make a connection with their audience to increase conversions. Slicpix allows us to offer clients a way to tell their story and make meaningful connections with their audience. Those connections lead to brand loyalty and sales! If you’re on the fence about using Slicpix, make the leap! You won’t be disappointed! If you need help envisioning how to bring your brand to life using the tool, let us know!

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