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Leverage your images to double sales and increase engagement rates by 94%

Slicpix® interactive images eliminate search abandonment!

SlicPix's innovative approach involves creating interactive images as a navigation tool, allowing your audience to

TOUCH, BUY, LEARN and SHARE for each item on your images

eliminating search abandonment and saving US retailers $300 billion a year

Slicpix stories alter behavior,
compelling your audience to stop scrolling and learn more

Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make and sell but the stories you tell - Seth Godin


No need to change your website, interactively optimize it

Calls to action across this website are examples of how we incorporated SlicPix’s interactivity and dynamic multimedia stories

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website dwell time

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SEO ranking

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If you don't make it easy for customers to show their suport, they won't. - Andy Sernovitz

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Less friction from awareness to purchase on every channel

Using three or more channels earns a 494% higher order rate

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Make your Instagram posts and reels shoppable in 3 touch points

1. Touch an Instagram's biolink

Try it out

2. Touch a Slicpix Instagallery post

Pick a post below

3. Touch an item on the post

Easy paths to purchase for every item on every image and video
What's not to love?

Interactivity makes your videos

shoppable, learnable and shareable

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How it Works

The SlicPix® subscription is an all-in-one solution for non-technical marketers

The SlicPix Studio®

One-stop shop that delivers a no-code easy solution to integrate interactivity into your current marketing mix


Centralized hub for teams from around the world.

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Interactively outline items on an image and create multimedia stories.

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Embed interactive images/stories onto your website or create a space under the SlicPix® domain

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In one click, both businesses and followers can share stories, linking back to your interactive website.

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Important ROI, including unique measurements from within an image. Integrations with Googles new G4 Analytics.

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Slicpix covers all your marketing needs, from website integrations to powerful analytics

Discover all of SlicPix®'s Features

Why SlicPix®?

There is nothing permanent except change - Heraclitus

Sky is the limit

Simply outline items to make them interactive and create/link stories with sharing and CTA's for next steps

No need to change your website simply pick a spot and embed a tag similar to YouTube.

Interactive images/stories are dynamic, meaning you can change them for immediate visibility.

Your audience can use interactive images as a navigation tool to explore exactly what they are interested in while you can change website content similar to posting on social media.

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Interactively Stand out and be outstanding

Consumers expect more in less time

Interactive content produces better user experiences with fewer fewer pages, fewer clicks, and even fewer separate platforms to pass through before making a purchase.

PR Newswire states that interactive content increases engagement rates by 94%

According to Demand Metric , interactive shoppable content has a roughly 2x conversion rate compared to static content.

The average attention span is 6 seconds. Interactive content stops the scroll and requires active curiosity and engagement

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