Use interactive pictures and images

to distinguish your brand and captivate your audience

Website integration

Interactive pictures and other images integrated on a website increase sales, improve website navigation and raise engagement rates

Linking rich multimedia stories to each interactive item entertains customers while boosting dwell time and soaring SEO ranking.

Merge your audience from every channel

SlicPix helps you create an omnichannel, seamlessly merging your website, social media and blog together as one unified story, shareable by both businesses and consumers.

Link from Instagram’s biolink to a SlicPix Instagallery integrated on your website. Consumers can then interactively touch, buy, learn and share from each item on each image.

The SlicPix® Studio is an all in one digital content hub

Collaborate: No more working in silo's!

Create: Use the darkroom to create interactive images and the content builder to create stories.

Publish: Integrate interactive images and multimedia stories on your website. Syndicate integrations with partners website as well.

Promote: Share interactive stories on all social and marketing channels by both marketers and their audience.

Analyze: tie your ROI with your marketing efforts.

Personalization for every visitor

Click and buy or Click and explore, each consumer has a different path.

SlicPix gives consumers the power to choose their own content path without the need for big data.

Efficient analytics

Every plan records consumers' traits from within an image and within a story.

Businesses can easily tie marketing efforts to ROI.

Integration with Google's G4 Analytics will further educate businesses on consumers preferences.

Content syndication across multiple domains

Great for marketing agencies, SlicPix’s interactive images and stories can be published on multiple websites with analytics being recorded from each one.